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In late 2017, Sydney producer Xan Müller discovered a darkly beautiful audio tone shimmering across the horizon and making its way into his room every night.  This was the sound of the controversial Westconnex tunnel construction project.

Construction on the huge tunnelling operation of the Westconnex had begun in earnest during 2017. Local residents in Sydney's Inner West region had been up in arms about the project since well before the tunnelling commenced.

Concerns included greater congestion [1], no new public transport options [2], the forced amalgamation of local councils, and temporary leaders appointed undemocratically in order to hastily green light the project [3], Horrendous construction noise around the clock for nearby residents [4] and claims of kickbacks to local politicians from the construction industry [5].

Locals were sent earplugs in the post from the council as cold comfort when the drilling commenced. Some were even put up in temporary accomodation away from the site, so bad was the noise. A little further away from the site however, local music producer Xan Müller had a slighty different sonic experience.

At first, he regarded the sound a mysterious annoyance. Over time he began to appreciate its haunting beauty, as night after night it would visit his household from across the neighbourhood. 

Müller set about recording the noise over a series of weeks, first sampling the sound from his balcony and later going closer to the source to collect a greater variety of sounds. He then took the sound into the studio and manipulated it into an ambient soundscape that has become Chapter One of the EP.

The project did not end there, however. A second, more up-tempo track was created featuring not only the construction noise, but sampled and manipulated voices from politicians waxing lyrical about the virtues of the Westconnex.

The final result is a two-track EP entitled Disconnex, featuring the noise and the music it inspired.